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The Permit Company uses two types of accounts, user accounts and company accounts. Any person can create a user account and then use their user account to logon to this web site and create permits without requiring a company account. Company accounts however, can only be created by Permit Company personnel.

You can use this page to create your user account. The company name and address you enter on this page does not create a company account, this information is printed on the Permits and Invoices you create so long as your user account is not associated with a company account.

If your company already has an account with the Permit Company, or if you would like to have a company account created, check the "Please contact me" checkbox. If you check the checkbox, someone from the accounting department will contact you and can associate your user account with an existing company account, or will create a new company account if needed.

Company accounts enjoy a number of additional benefits, such as, it allows multiple users to create, use, and access vehicle, driver, and previous permit entries created by other users of the same company.

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In today's environment everybody needs to be concerned about security, we want you to know that The Permit Company does not sell or share information you provide to any other company or organization.

We need your E-Mail address so we can email you a new password in the event you forget your password. The security question and answer you provide is used to identify you in the event of a lost password.